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  1. Don Campau says:


    I can’t believe it…I don’t have your email in my address book. How can this be?

    Send it when you get a chance. I got your CDs and will pass on the extra copy to a worthy DJ or person.

    Will keep you posted on radio play.


  2. paul kidney says:

    Nice website!

  3. R. Weis says:

    Our work was programmed together on Johnny Seven’s “Pull the Plug” a few weeks ago. Writing to introduce myself and say how much I liked your work! Best – Bob Weis (R. Weis)

    • chelito says:

      Thanks Bob! Which band are you in? I like that program a lot. Wish it were longer than a half hour. Thanks for the note.

      • R. Weis says:

        I’m a solo act and have been composing with manipulated sound since the mid 1980s (recorded art form and don’t perform live). Johnny Seven played tracks from my 1994 CD “Mystery of the Egg” on the show we shared. He played tracks from my new CD “Excitable Audible” a few weeks earlier.

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