The Irrelevant Show: Every Sunday from 3 – 6 pm EST. WMUC FM College Park.


We DO NOT have a Facefuck page.  We literally have no friends!  

New Music From The Film coming to this site soon!


HEY!! Thanks for joining MUSIC FROM THE FILM – :  We have uploaded the double cd “Irrelevant” to our Soundclown page (over 2 hours of music): 


It’s free.  Go get it. 








right from the start

full of poop

purple people

tripletsare we there yet


mr manballerina


coffee and cigs

project corrupt rescue

the roll


written on the walls

lady luck


you cut me in two

lost in your rock and roll

untitled so far


lucky starinstrumentally

in and out 8-3sane man 1067-2786-1-PB

big romance

strange child

sally knows

girlfriend number 32

which way you go

mars man baby food——————————————————————————————–

What you may have missed:

eatser freekout 2014 flier correct

Live On The Irrelevant Show Sunday April 20, 2014:

Ok, here is the deal:  This Sunday (4/20/14) will be the last live performance for Music  From The Film.  There are several reasons for this.  None of which I will divulge here, but rest assured, we aren’t going away and there are no internal conflicts with the members.  In fact, we have a new album done.  It was tentatively titled “We Have Already Failed”, but it is really gonna be called “Irrelevant”.  But you won’t be able to buy it.  You won’t even be able to download it in one piece.  It will be released to you in tiny morsels, one track per week, on The Irrelevant Show.  So this will be a radio only release.  All the shows are archived, so you can go and dig them out and compile them into one album if you wish, but it will be an ongoing project, meaning this will be one incredibly long album and it won’t be completed until we are.

New Album Available Now:


MUSIC FROM THE FILM – Say Hello To The Boy Who’s Returned From Paradise – now available on zeromoon.


Saturday December 28, 2013 Live At Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring, MD


Saturday November 9, 2013 Live at Electronicafest 2013 in Linthicum, MD:


We have 2 new shows to add: Sunday October 6, 2013 MFTF returns for it’s second show at An Die Musik in Baltimore and Saturday November 9, 2013 we return to the National Electronics Museum in Linthicum, MD. Also very excited to announce that Shrew will be joining us for both events!


The next live outing for MUSIC FROM THE FILM is scheduled for Friday August 30, 2013 at Joe’s Record Paradise in Silver Spring, MD. Details to follow…..

Joe’s Record Paradise 8216 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MarylandFREE / $0 / ice cream donations accepted… Come hear some improvised experiments in sound by local artists! The   possibilities are limitless, but guaranteed to blow your mind.Show starts at 6pm, over at 8:30 so you can catch ANOTHER sweet experimental   show at the Pyramid Atlantic just one block away (, if you don’t like the jams then you can buy some records you’d   prefer to listen to instead.(potentially adding another artist, stay tuned for details)MUSIC FROM THE FILM weird fifth-dimensional alien incantations “Music From The Film is a national treasure.” – Chester Hawkins CLOUD monolithic, cavernous soundscapes RAGA improvised free-drone, featuring 2/3 members of Mausoleum no recordings to speak of yet, but here’s a rare recording of these dudes   fucking around three years ago: and here’s Mausoleum:   More
sept 8 flier 4
Echolalia & MUSIC FROM THE FILM Live On The Irrelevant Show Sunday June 2, 2013:
DC-Sonic Circuits Off The Grid V5:  Saturday May 11, 2013 at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring, MD.
off the grid flier

MUSIC FROM THE FILM and BASHA each did sets and then collaborated on the Irrelevant Show yesterday (11/25/12) on WMUC FM in College Park.  Here are the audio archives of all three sets as well as the MUSIC FROM THE FILM interview with Dick Buttkiss of Rolling Stoner Magazine:

BASHA’s Set:




Art Harrison (Seated, in wool hat); Gary Young (Standing, drinking from flask); Dick Buttkiss (Rolling Stoner rep, Seated and asking a question).

Next Sunday 11/25/12, We will have a representative from Rolling Stoner Magazine in the studio to interview MUSIC FROM THE FILM.  If ANY of you have any questions that have yet to be addressed, please pose them here or via message and we’ll make sure they get answered on the air next week.  We plan to get there early (Irrelevant show is 6 hours, noon to 6pm this Sunday), set up, sound check, and do little 10 minute sets throughout the day.
We now have T-shirts available.  We have S, M, L, XL and XXL.  See Discography/Shop for details on these and all of our available cd’s and records.
1067-2786-1-PB1067-2786-1-PBHa! Last week Music From The Film charted #9 on the overall charts at CKUT in Montreal as the band Zeromoon!
Saturday Sept. 29 at 10am!!  Come see us demonstrate Harrison Instruments.  Meet the cacophonator!  Meet both PNS’s!!  Meet the 420 Sequencer!!  Meet the theremin!!  Every tool we implement will be a Harrison Instruments creation.  Starring Arthur Harrison as….”THE REMIN”!  Part of the Sonic Circuits festival of Experimental Music.  Atlas Performing Arts center. 1333 H St. NE, DC.  Plenty of MFTF merch will be available.  Make us filthy rich!!
A hearty Mr. Wilson type “MARTHA” shout out to Martha for playing Candy For The Children on her fill-in show for Gaylord Fields on WFMU yesterday.
MFTF’s Vi Kommer Til A Fa Deg is Rev. R4D4 Leech’s #2 pick for the week at KZSU at Stanford U:
3 full minutes of 360 degree machine gun sprays for Ken for spinning Been Afraid on his show on WFMU this Wednesday!
MFTF’s – Vi Kommer Til A Fa Deg charted this week at #4 on the electronic charts at CKXU 88.3 FM in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada:
New review of MUSIC FROM THE FILM – Vi Kommer Til A Fa Deg by KZSU Stanford University.
Music From The Film / Vi Kommer Til Å Få Deg
  Vi Kommer Til Å Få Deg   Collection: General
  Music From The Film   Added: 05/2012
  Zero Moon    
Diego Aguilar-Canabal Reviewed 2012-08-05
Music From The Film hasn’t scored any movies yet, but their songs sound like drugged-out dream interpretations made by several psychotic synesthetic mental patients. Post-Jungian free association tape loop trances brought to you by a duo of DC weirdos, they make really creepy haphazard collages using anything from clanging loops of subterranean percussion, warbling spoken word samples played at all sorts of wrong speeds to sound totally alien, adamantly indecisive keyboard wanderings, bizarro theremin, atonal marimba shredding… It’s not too surprising that one of these guys is a longtime college radio DJ himself (at WMUC 88.1 in College Park, MD… hey, they’re no KFJC, but he’s been at it for a while.) All tracks equally weird, hilarious, and FCC clean. RIYL Human Skab, Dick Panthers, Bunnybrains, Monkey Power Trio
1. Kooky 8-bit meandering with some theremin and buzzing noise 2. Hilarious / creepy alien transmissions, warped percussion and rambling 3. Brief theremin and broken furniture ditty 4. Abrasive smashing percussion with some discombobulated distorted vox 5. Screeching, blipping random circuitbending and braindamaged atonal instrument waking, more alien rambling 6. Sparkly acidwashed synth, broken dialup connection and some more weird rambling 7. Retarded rambling lullaby 8. Some harsh noise, marimba, burping; things and stuff 9. Plunking bass, theremin, lobotomized methhead drumming, rambling 10. An upbeat steady yet awkward beat, weird Dick Panthers esque spoken word. 11. Swirls of noise, theremin, rambling… you get the idea 12. Strange wacked-out crooning, some weird synth effects and bored drumming 13. Somewhat steady 6/8 beat with warped alien vox 14. Buzzing bleeping glitch electronic madness. More alien rambling. 15. Some kind of a jam with toy instruments, I hear some xylophone and mini-accordion I think 16. Monkey Power Trio after inhaling a shit ton of helium 17. Free jazz drum solo with some alien scat-singing 18. Oozing glitch synth dissonance and… yep, you guessed it, more alien rambling 19. Totally warped and fucked up strumming ballad = heartbreak + peyote + outer space 20. Weird echoes of keyboard, percussion, dying alien monster moans 21. Awkward scratching, buzzing, timid marimba and apathetic synth 22. Alien noise scrambling a normal human vocal sample, drags on into some transdimensional shit
Track Listing
1. Sinking   12. Palpable Beak
2. Delicious   13. Been Afraid
3. Don’t Shoot The Theremin Player   14. Master Of My Castle
4. Red As The Reddest Clay   15. Baby Drool Baby Doll
5. Cup   16. Subject To Mechanization
6. Proud Threads   17. Splaw
7. Sticky Fingers   18. Candy For The Children
8. Aokigahara Forest   19. Crotch Rot
9. Cosmic Web   20. Bottom Of My Heart
10. Sweetheart   21. Syncing
11. A Long Noodle   22. Bullseye
#5 on the Experimental chart at KZSU last week: CLASSICAL/EXPERIMENTAL 1. FORSYTH, CHRIS Kenzo Deluxe (Northern Spy) 2. CENTRAL LIVING Dune Church (Blackest Rainbow) 3. CHOI, JIN A Thousand Whales Of Love (Private Gold) 4. CARLTON MELTON Smoke Drip 12″ (Agitated) 5. MUSIC FROM THE FILM Vi Kommer Til Å Få Deg (Zero Moon) 6. CAMINITI, EVAN Night Dust 12″ (Immune) 7. WERNER, KURT JAMES Schism Method (Self Release) 8. MULERO, OSCAR Black Propaganda (Warm Up) 9. MOTION SICKNESS OF TIME TRAVEL Motion Sickness Of Time Travel 12″ (Spectrum Spools) 10. KANDODO Kandodo (Thrill Jockey)
Review of Vi Kommer Til A Fa Deg from the August 2012 edition of Baby Sue: :
 When you consider the state of commercial music today…you may tend to think that music is no longer relevant for listeners with the ability the think. Commercial music has sunk so low that there’s hardly anything listenable that ever even sinks into mainstream consciousness. But there are always things happening underneath the surface. And although it takes some effort treading around the internet to find it, there is more creative credible music being made now than ever before in the history of mankind. Music From The Film is the duo of Gary Young and Arthur Harrison…joined on this album by Kevin Buckholdt. We love the introductory statement on the press release that says these guys “…have been basking in obscurity together for over 22 years.” It’s a statement about modern music. If you make music that is creative and credible…it will almost certainly be appreciated by only a very few. But popularity isn’t really the point though…is it? Folks with a conscience and soul aren’t making music for money or fame anyway. They’re making music out of a pure genuine desire to create and express themselves. As such, the strangely titled Vi Kommer Til A Fa Deg is a complete success. Sure, the average listener would be frightened off by these tracks. But that’s not who these guys are playing for anyway. Twenty-two heady peculiar and inventive cuts. Cool.

Maryland twosome, Gary Young and Arthur Harrison have been creating improvisational noise together for more then two decades under many different monikers. On ‘VI Kommer Til A Fa Deg’ which is Norwegian for ‘We’re Going to Get You’ they have added Kevin Buckholdt to the mix. This is their fifth full length album as the group Music from the Film on their first release on the Zeromoon label. These 22 tracks are not easy to describe, and that is a good thing as each track twists and turns with a cacophony of improvisational noise that is uniquely original never knowing what you may hear next. These guys work in the land of bizarro and give a new definition to the term experimental improvisation. They list 32 instruments on the liner notes ranging from Pseudorandom noise sequencers, Theremin, Dulcimer, sound wands, to a series of toy noise makers and something called a Sarah Palin. This is a rather dark album which incorporates every imaginable tone, pitch and beat that you could only hear in your hellish dreams. The voices throughout are mostly poetic nonsense, much of it unintelligible yet you find your ears yearning for more of this delusional prose. These guys are incredibly unpredictable and very original with their approach to chaotic sounds.


A bag of Big Mac’s  for Bill Mac for spinning Been Afraid today on Zzzzzzero Hour on WFMU New Jersey
Flailing arms and staccato utterings to DJ Lestrygonian for spinning Splaw on the Catharsis Show last night on KZSU at Stanford University.
Blessings to DJ Rev. R4D4 Leech for playing Cup on his show Thermonuclear Bar last night on KZSU Stanford
Extreme enthusiastic kudos to Julianne for spinning Bullseye on The New Afternoon Show on WNYU in New York on Monday
Thanks to Tobias Kuechen for spinning some MFTF on his 7/26/12 show the Black Channel in Emmendingen, Germany
Thanks also to David for playing Sticky Fingers on his fill in for the Inflatable Squirrel Carcass this morning on WFMU
Thanks to Jason Elbogen for playing Palpable Beak on his show on WFMU the other morning
Large drops of salivary thanks to Ken for letting our baby drool all over his show today on WFMU
Thanks to Dave Mandl for playing MFTF on his show World of Echo last night on WFMU in East Orange, NJ
We made the top 200 for June on the !earshot charts for the collective known as Canada!  Just below Bruce Springsteen.
A heaping plate of his favorite ice cream for Brian Turner for spinning some MFTF on his show yesterday!!
Thank you Don Campau  for spinning some MFTF on his No Pigeonholes EXP editions on KOWS FM.
Thanks to Michael Smith for spinning some new MFTF on his show Let Your Freak Flag Fly on 3CR Community radio in Melbourne Australia
Thanks to Saramin for spinning some MFTF on her fabulous show Beat The Bezoar on WCBN FM in Ann Arbor, MI
# 26 on the charts at CJSR last week.  Canada has some excellent stations. We are currently charting at 3 Canadian radio stations.
We made the top 1 for KFJC airplay for this past week.
New MFTF is número diecisiete (No. 17) on the recent chart at CFUV in Victoria Canada.

Kentucky Fried Jesus!! KFJC is going heavy rotation with the new disc.  I can’t keep up with the thank you’s but apparently Morris Minor, Curtis Kimby, Roland Blunt and Thee Opinataur all played some of it this weekend.


Thanks to Paul Kidney for spinning some of the new MFTF on his show Ear Of The Behearer today on PBS FM in Melbourne Australia!


Vi Kommer Til A Fa Deg #6 on the experimental charts this week on CJSW in Calgary Canada

Thanks AGAIN to Johnny Seven for spinning some new MFTF on Resonance FM in London UK today!!

June 14th 2012 ‘Sri Sai Flora’ – The Sufis (Ample Play) ‘Pervert?’ – R. Stevie Moore (O Genesis) ‘Not Good To Be Bad’ – Fill Spectre (unsigned) ‘Where Did She Go’ – The Sufis (Ample Play) … ‘Sex Junk Nazi Furs’ – Luis Drayton (unsigned) ‘Crotch Rot’ – Music From The Film (ZeroMoon) ‘Vigilante!’ – R. Stevie Moore (O Genesis) ‘I Don’t Know’ – The Sufis (Ample Play)

Thanks to Breaking The Tethers on CJSW for the recent spin:


Thanks again to Johnny Seven for spinning MFTF again on his amazing half hour show Pull The Plug on Resonance FM in London, UK. Johnny Seven June 7th 2012   ‘Mowgli’ – Gutter Parties (AMDiscs)   ‘Nowhere’ – R. Weis (R. Weis)   ‘Adhra’ – The White Meadows (Reverb Worship)   ‘The Swami & The Snake’ – R. Weis (R. Weis)   ‘Syncing’ – Music From The Film (ZeroMoon)


VI Kommer Til A Fa Deg #13 on the main chart at WCBN in Ann Arbor, MI this week

This Saturday, June 9, 2012, Let The Record Spin on CFUV in Victoria Canada will spin Vi Kommer Til A Fa Deg in it’s entirety!!

Thanks again to Cecil Doyle for spinning several of our tracks last night (old and new) on 100,000 watts of pure power on KRVS in Lafayette Louisiana

Thanks to Dr. Zomb’s Stereo Obscura show on KBOO in Portland, OR for the airplay this weekend.

Immense gratitude to Adrian Maiolla for featuring several tracks off the new MFTF on his excellent program “The Score” on PBS FM in Melbourne, Australia!

Thanks to Marshall Stax for spinning 3 tracks off the new MFTF disc on his The Next Big Thing program on KALX in Berkeley, CA

Thanks to Bryce Moore for spinning Bullseye off the new MFTF on the most excellent Difficult Listening program May 27 edition in Perth, Australia

Thanks to KBOO in Portland, OR for spinning Candy For The Children on the Sounds Unsound program

Also, thank you Rob Dempiero for spinning it last week on his Lumpytunes! Definitely Difficult Listening program on in Sarasota, FL.

Johnny Seven spun some of our stuff on his show Pull The Plug on Resonance FM in London, UK

May 24th 2012
‘Endless Flowers’ – Crocodiles (Frenchkiss)
‘Subjected To Mechanization’ – Music From The Film (ZeroMoon)
‘Aokigahara Forest’ – Music From The Film (ZeroMoon)
‘Black Shoe’ – BalloonMan (Pale Fox)
‘Wiggy Brown’ – Sinister Chuckles (unsigned)
‘Positive’ – The Glue Machine (Pumf)
‘Tony Thornborough’s Sock (On The Radio)’ – Sinister Chuckles (unsigned)
‘Personal Stereo (Peel Session)’ – Appliance (RROOPP)

Thank you Shane Quentin for spinning some of the new disc on his incredible Garden Of Earthly Delights show last week in the UK A finely presented program with surprises every week. You can listen in on the east coast USA every Friday from 5-7pm.

Thanks again to Don Campau for spinning the new MFTF, this time the track Cup made it on KKUP, how appropriate!

Thanks WCBN for finding the new MFTF disc and spinning it last night.

Thanks to Cecil Doyle for spinning the first 8 tracks off the new MFTF disc last night on his fine program Sounds Unusual on KRVS in Lafayette Louisiana

Thanks to Lisa Miralia of WCSB Cleveland for spinning several of the tracks of the new disc on her fantastic program the Mysterious Black Box (every Wed. 7-9pm est.)


Thanks to Jack Hertz for playing some of the new disc on his Time Drone show:

Lil Red Riding Hood played some on her fill in show on WMUC in College Park, MD:

Thanks again to Jason Finkleman for spining the new MFTF on his show Fanfare For The Speeding Bullet, this time playing Proud Threads

KAOS FM in Olympia Washington wins the award for first radio station to spin the new disc.

Music From The Film – Gary Young and Arthur Harrison have been basking in obscurity together for over 22 years. In the late 1980s and through the ’90s they released several cassette tapes in extremely short runs under the moniker Bone Bunny, and with others in the acts New Killers On The Block and Entfred. Gary also worked with the Washington DC band Drooling Zoomers and Arthur with the bands Jobs For America and Stolen Government Binder Clip. Music From The Film emerged in 2007, representing a departure from many of Gary’s previous projects by virtue of purposeful composition, in contrast to the former releases of hastily-compiled practice sessions. VI KOMMER TIL Å FÅ DEG is their Zeromoon debut and includes Kevin Buckholdt (also affiliated with the groups Prom Concussion, The Parlor Scouts, Get A Tan, and others). Kevin’s main focus in the group is drums and percussion, but on this recording, he also provides other instrumentation. Prior to this release, Music From The Film has produced four full length CDs:  Playfully Abrasive, 2007; World War Tree, 2009; How The West Was Once, 2011; and Say Hello To The Boy Who’s Returned From Paradise, 2011 (digital version, In addition, the group produced a seven inch vinyl record with a custom cardboard adapter that enables multiple options for playback at various speeds (BIT b/w CRUSHFACE, 2010). The group also has exclusive tracks on two compilations, the Sonic Circuits vinyl release District Of Noise Vol. IV (Animal Friends) and the Electro-Music 2011 Sampler Compilation CD (Sea Dog and Just An Orange). Gary also hosts the weekly radio program The Irrelevant Show on WMUC FM in College Park, MD. See for further details, news and upcoming events.

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